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Pubblicatoil Ago 6, 2022

Tra le cose divertenti che caratterizzano il mio dialetto/lingua, abbiamo sicuramente le espressioni, i detti e anche le parolacce in napoletano: molti di questi termini ancora oggi vengono utilizzati nella loro accezione più vera, ma anche per divertimento e rafforzare un concetto in maniera colorita.
Qualche anno fa mi sono imbattuto in un file con la traduzione in inglese (molto) parziale delle frasi di cui sopra, e la cosa mi ha fatto divertire non poco; ho deciso quindi di riprendere il “progetto” ed espanderlo a cadenza regolare con nuovi termini e spiegazioni.

A tal proposito ho creato una tabella che raccoglie la frase in napoletano, la traduzione in inglese (letterale, spesso divertente) e la relativa spiegazione (seria) nella lingua d’Albione: se avete suggerimenti, volete contribuire o altro, lasciate un commento in calce al post!

Dizionario napoletano - inglese

Miett’ ManPut your handStart your work
O’ cazz ch’è cacat’The dick you shitted Expression used to manifest disagreement
/ I don’t agree
Acchiapp’ a PeppCatch Joseph Expression used to suggest attention to happening events / Be careful
Meza recchiaHalf of earGay
E muorte e chi te muorteThe dead of your deadOffensive expression blaming the dead relative
E meglje muorte e chi te muorteThe best dead of your deadOffensive expression blaming the poor dead relative
(As the item 8 multiplied by two)
E meglje muorte e chi te muorte e e chi te stramuorteThe best dead of your dead and of your extra deadOffensive expression blaming the poor dead relative and the most affective dead relative
(As the item 8 multiplied by four)
E meglje muorte e chi te muorte, e chi te stramuorte e e chi te sona e campane a muortThe best dead of your dead, of your extra dead and of whom is going to play the bells at your death day Offensive expression blaming the poor dead relative, the most affective dead relative and the alive relative
(As the item 8 multiplied by eight)
Afammocc!No translation neededTo cheer at somebody's pain or bad luck / an exclamation after a great achievements is reached
RicuttarRicotta cheese makerA person that take advantage of other people / A pimp
Chi c’ha cecat?Who blinded us? Expression used to show regret for a done action
E’ fatta a figura toja!You made your own figureA jockey way to express compliment for someone bad action
Quant’è vvera a Maronna!As far as Our Lady is true.Expression used to swear
A fessa e’ soretaYour sister’s pussySome kind of insult blaming your sister
A fessa e’ soreta rint o' bicchiereYour sister’s pussy into a glassSome kind of insult blaming your sister into a limited space
Iamme bbellLet’s go beautifulCome on!
Mai pe ccumannoNever for commandA polite way to have someone do something.
T’hanna magna’ i cani i cancielloShall the gate dogs eat you!Wishing bad time for hated person.
Capo!Head!Hey, guy!
Me so ffatto comm’accettaI made myself like a hatchetI stuffed myself with foods.
Meza latrinaHalf a public lavatoryKind of a dark water insult
Facimmo a fine re ccarcioffoleWe make the end of artichokesIt is not exactly a good way going
Iammo a mmare cu tutti i panniWe go into the sea with all the clothesIt is not exactly a good way going in the near future
L’acqua è poca e a papera nun galleggiaThe water is shallow and the duck doesn’t floatThe realisation that the lack of factors always produce negative results.
Avimmo fatto trenta, facimmo trentunoWe made thirty, let’s make thirty-oneIt would be useless to go back now.
Sang ra marina!Navy’s blood!Exclamation. (Something like “Bloody government”)
Iammo ch’e cazziWe go with the dicks!It is not exactly a good trend
Facimmece a croceLet’s make the crossBad way to begin! [religious]
Dio o’ ssape e a Maronna o’ vvereGod knows and Our Lady sees itOnly God knows the trouble I had (to do something) [religious]
Si caruto a rint’o liettoYou fell from your bedYou woke up very early this morning
Tieneme ‘ca te tengo!Hold me that I hold youWe are both in trouble
M’Adda murì mammà (o’cane, o cardill, etc..)Shall my poor mother (dog, bird, etc) die! I swear!
Stamm sott o’ cielo! We are under the sky!Eventually we all are human and mortal! [Religious]
Uanemabella!!OhBeautifulSoul!!Exclamation of surprise.
Mazz e panella fanne e figlie bbellePools and rolls generate well-mannered sonsSuggested way to breed children
Panell e mazze fanne e figlie pazzeRolls and pools generate crazy sonsNot suggested way to breed children / Wrong sequence sources problems in the education field!
A’ pucchiacc mmane e criaturePussy handled by children!You are not in the position to appreciate what you got
O’ Patatern da o ppane a chi nun ttene e diente!God grants hard food to whom is toothless!Sometimes there is no justice in this world!
Simme fernuti a pisce fetienti!We ended to bad fishes!An argument that has degenerated in mutual insults or even thrashing.
A galline fà ll’ove e o galle cia abbruce ‘o culeChicken delivers eggs and the cock has a pain in his bottomComplain about somebody else’s hard working
Nun sputa n’ciele ca n’faccia te tornDon’t spit out the sky, cause it will back on your faceThink before talking
Te manca sempe o’sold pa apparà a liraYou alway lack a pence to make a pennyAlmost perfect, but never reached the perfection
Addurmut'Sleepy manA not very clever person
Pigliat ca bottTaken with a blowA not very clever person, stronger than the previous one
Scard e' cazzDick's chunkA not very smart person
Si nu cazz’ chin r’accquaYou are a dick full of waterYou are a not very smart person, with some more insulting elements in the hrase
Sicchi’e naftaGas bucketA very warm and light insult
Figlio 'e 'ntrocchia.Son of a (good) bitchA very smart and clever person, generated by a person with a lot of experience. Sometimes his cleverness could led him to do bad things.
È asciuto pazz' 'o patrone.The owner has gone crazy!When someone has suddenly become very generous.

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